The Remains of the Freezer Recipe – Beef Stew

Hello, my beautiful followers! Thank you for taking this journey with me. I haven’t posted a recipe in a while, and thought I’d share what’s been going on in our little piece of the world! I have discovered that I do not like to run low on food…like ever. This led to stockpiles of ingredientsContinue reading “The Remains of the Freezer Recipe – Beef Stew”

Sharing Saturday: Yummy Pie!

Got your attention, didn’t I? Well, pie is yummy! No doubt about it! But what does that have to do with Young Living and their awesome products? Read on, dear friends! Read on! The other day we had a small catastrophe. Child #4 accidentally let the pre-made gluten-free graham cracker style pie crusts slide offContinue reading “Sharing Saturday: Yummy Pie!”

Whathe Chicken Tortilla Soup?

So, Child #4 is sick.  Child #3 is also sick.  Child #2 is trying desperately trying to not catch this cold, as am I. Solution?  Chicken soup!  However, I do not like chicken soup!  This is a personal issue.  I believe it comes from growing up with my dad who absolutely detested anything fowl. YouContinue reading “Whathe Chicken Tortilla Soup?”

Does Your Pepper Like Steak?

Ah, pepper steak, that good old standby. What? I’ve never shared the recipe with you? Well, forty lashes with uncooked rice! I’d use a wet noodle, but this recipe doesn’t call for any!!!! So, what will you need? Here’s the list: 1.5 lbs lean round steak 2 tsp. granulated onion 1, 12 oz. bag ofContinue reading “Does Your Pepper Like Steak?”

What Do We Eat for Lent?

As a Roman Catholic, we have a close relationship with Jesus through Lent. Our sacrifices help to bring us closer to Our Lord. So, what do we eat? Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, actually yesterday! So…lunch and dinner. On Ash Wednesday and Good Friday we, after the age of 18, are supposed to fast. I,Continue reading “What Do We Eat for Lent?”

Valentine’s Day and My Absence

This time of year sort of depresses me. Usually it’s gloomy out, and the fact that my valentines are my kiddos only. 😔. I’ve been struggling lately with all of that. It’s not that I am not completely grateful for everything that I have and everyone that is in my life. It’s just hard knowingContinue reading “Valentine’s Day and My Absence”