Sharing Saturday: Feeling Down

Hi, everyone!  Thanks for joining me on glutenfreerecipesandwritings!  I’m feeling a bit down today.  You see, today is Ducky’s birthday.  Today he is 11.  Will he live to see 12?  This is the question which plagues me tonight. We met Ducky when we visited a no-kill shelter in Mundelein, Illinois a few years back.  WeContinue reading “Sharing Saturday: Feeling Down”

Sharing Saturday: Thieves Party!

Last Saturday I had a Thieves Party. As I have posted before, I absolutely adore the Thieves Products! Everything from Thieves Vitality Essential Oil, which you can ingest to Thieves Cleanser, with which you can scrub the toughest sink and tub stains! They’re all wonderful and work extremely well, even without toxins! And isn’t thatContinue reading “Sharing Saturday: Thieves Party!”

Sharing Saturday: Thieves Cleaner Pet Style

As you may know, we have three emotional support dogs. They are small (totalling 20 lbs.!) but their messes are mighty! I had been searching and searching for a pet cleaner that would work now that we have carpets in our home. In the old house it was all either hardwoods or tile; no carpet!Continue reading “Sharing Saturday: Thieves Cleaner Pet Style”

A Thieves Party!

I have finally gotten up the courage to have a Young Living Thieves Cleaning Clean party! My party won’t be until March, but I’m very excited! March is the month where we are celebrating healthier cleaning with non-toxic products; namely Thieves products! My home is full of (well, not full, but well-stocked!!!) Thieves products. IContinue reading “A Thieves Party!”

Sharing Saturday: Lime Vitality

This is just a little post to share, My favorite oil that is to pair, With a Diet Coke, not my favorite drink, But makes it much more palatable, I think. Just add a drop, or two, or three, And drink right down, happiness to be! So share my link, I’ll be sure to do,Continue reading “Sharing Saturday: Lime Vitality”

Sharing Saturday: Ginger Vitality

Recently, we have discovered Young Living’s ginger vitality essential oil. I like a little ginger in my stir fry or chop suey. I never really thought of it as an essential oil. Well, maybe as a scent to be diffused. However, since Child #2 suffers terribly from gas issues among other tummy issues, she startedContinue reading “Sharing Saturday: Ginger Vitality”

A Guilty Pleasure

I have found myself watching comedians on the Dry Bar Comedy channel that comes with my HDTV. I love to laugh, but when you’ve seen all of your movies multiple times, it doesn’t lead to much laughter. Dry Bar Comedy, however, is usually fresh. I don’t watch enough to see every comedian, so it staysContinue reading “A Guilty Pleasure”

Sharing Saturday: The Business

Have you ever thought about owning your own business?  A side job, perhaps? I had always planned to be an author, and I am!  I published my children’s book “The Adventure of Snowball, the Semi-mighty Dog” last year.  But then I got to thinking about Child #3 and all of his mental issues and beingContinue reading “Sharing Saturday: The Business”

Sharing Saturday: Vitality Oils Save the Day!

I was really in a bind on Thursday morning when I discovered that I had no cinnamon!  Oops!  How do I make pumpkin pie of any sort without cinnamon?  Well… Thieves Vitality essential oil, of course!  Here is my new favorite pumpkin pie: Pumpkin Cheesecake Eggnog Pie 2, 9″ uncooked gf pie shells, pierced onContinue reading “Sharing Saturday: Vitality Oils Save the Day!”

Sharing Saturday: YL Black Friday Sale!

Just wanted to let you all know that Young Living is having their black Friday sale starting this Monday, November 21st! Yay! Woohoo! I’ve heard some incredible things about this sale. Apparently the savings can be up to 66%! I’m super excited. Just think, your favorite YL products… discounted!!! So much to celebrate 🥳! Thieves,Continue reading “Sharing Saturday: YL Black Friday Sale!”