A Funny Thing Happened in the Living Room

I just had to blog about what happened in our living room earlier this evening. If you don’t know us well, I will tell you a little secret…we are all funny and we tend to bounce off each other. So, Child #2 is sitting in the living room chair with my pup, Delilah. Child #4Continue reading “A Funny Thing Happened in the Living Room”

It’s National Dress Your Pet Up Day 2022!

Who doesn’t like adorable pups dressed to impress, or at least to put up with their humans? As you may or may not be aware, we have three little ones: Ducky, or Dr. Donald Mallard, our big boy Morkiepoo (Maltese, Yorkie, and Poodle mix) at 10 pounds; Delilah, our big girl Maltipoo (Maltese and PoodleContinue reading “It’s National Dress Your Pet Up Day 2022!”