The Most Wonderful Pie of the Year

Well, technically, it’s a tart! At Thanksgiving this year, I was trying to find a new and different pie recipe. I settled on combining sweet cherries (I used the frozen kind!) and cranberries. It was not only beautiful, but extremely tasty! Here is my recipe: 1, 9″ pie crust (you may make your own, butContinue reading “The Most Wonderful Pie of the Year”

Easy as Pie Filling: Apple, Raspberry, & Peach

I have wanted to make pie for quite a while now, but when you’re staying in a homeless shelter, well, it can be a challenge. I had some apples from the trees in the back. I then bought raspberries. I found a can of peaches in fruit juice in my canned goods and I wasContinue reading “Easy as Pie Filling: Apple, Raspberry, & Peach”

Blueberry-Rhubarb Tartlets

I will be completely honest. Today was not my best day. I had too much on my plate, as usual, not to mention people judging me. So, I decided to treat you to a treat I made for an honors ceremony for child #4’s school. They are delicious! Make the pie filling: 6 cups frozenContinue reading “Blueberry-Rhubarb Tartlets”