It Sucks to be Sick

It sucks to be sick, Here on the couch Sniffling, sneezing Like a tossed away pouch. My head gets to aching And I feel as I’m breaking Spinning, spinning the room goes round Who put me on this merry-go-round? It could be much worse I could be out in the cold Suffering suffering Surrounded byContinue reading “It Sucks to be Sick”

Where Does Your Mind Go When the Wind Whips?

One of the first things I think of when the cold wind whips through the trees, is that I’m so very grateful for my warm home. Yes, I know it is not perfect. It may be very small, but it is not open to the elements. When the cold snow is swirling in the streetlightsContinue reading “Where Does Your Mind Go When the Wind Whips?”