Crying Out

This could be me today.
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I know I said I was going to post Sharing Saturdays, and I fully intend to. However, right now our family is in a crisis. We are having to leave our home, due to foreclosure and my naivete (read stupidity.)

Where are you going?
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So, I am packing and praying and generally feeling overwhelmed. I’m crying out to God for help! It is a desperate time for us. However, I know that God has us; that He has plans to prosper us and not harm us, as the Bible tells us. I just detest the unknown. It’s terrifying.

Please pray for us. I am not sure how much I will be able to post in the next couple of weeks. Things are hectic and oh so overwhelming. I cry out and cry daily, sometimes hourly. God is still good, though, even in my terror and doubt. He is still perfect, even though I am not.

Prayers, please!
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God bless you all and thanks for following!


Welcome to Sharing Saturday!

Sharing is Caring!
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I have been thinking about how to post this for a while now. As you know, if you are familiar with my blog, I am a single mom of four kiddos. We have been struggling financially for quite some time. It started with the divorce (loss of income, even though our home finally became safe from his terror) and then loss of job due to COVID. I was a temp, so I didn’t even get unemployment. I was stuck.

I have always wanted to write and be my own boss. I have written a children’s book. “The Adventures of Snowball the Semi-Mighty Dog” is available on Amazon in paperback or e-book. Unfortunately, sales have been slow. I started looking for other opportunities. I knew it would be nearly impossible for me to work in an office, what with Child #3’s mental and other difficulties. I needed to be home when he was. I am his person and all that goes along with that. It makes life rough.

Young Living Essential Oils home

A friend suggested I look into Young Living. “What’s that?” I asked. I was told it was high-quality essential oils that could help with all sorts of things. Really? Child #3 immediately came to mind. I would do virtually anything to help him. So, I ordered my kit and gave it a shot.

At first, I was totally overwhelmed. No surprise there! But Lydia, our friend’s friend, who helped me, was amazing. She explained things over and over, as I have absolutely no memory, and I was hooked, in a good way. It has been awesome for all of us! Memory is much better too!!!! Young Living is a great company also, since they give back so much to the community. They are also really supportive of their brand partners and customers. Christian, as well, which is a huge bonus for me!

There are two sides to this. If you just want to order oils, supplements, non-toxic (amazing!) household cleaners, etc. you can. However, if you want to pass these awesome products on to your friends and earn rewards and money with your own business, you can join the business and become a brand partner, like I did after my first experience with oils was so great. How fantastic is that?

So, on Sharing Saturdays I will be sharing about my essential oil and other Young Living experiences. The Ningxia Red supplement is also something of which I’m excited to share. Who knew you could feel this great? I am looking forward to trying other products and sharing them too!

Ningxia Red – Yummy and so energizing!

You may look around for free at the following link:

If you choose to buy something, this link will immediately give me credit. This would be an immense help to our family, as we struggle with our housing situation and bills. Thanks so much, everyone. If you are not interested, that’s ok too. I promise I won’t hold it against you!!!

NOTE: If you want the best price for something, consider putting it on subscription. The savings are substantial and as an added bonus, you can avoid running out of your favorites! Thanks and God bless,


An Update

Is it Spring yet?
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Ah, my friends it has been too long! I just wanted to update you on why it has been so long! As you may or may not know, I broke three toes on my right foot about 2.5 weeks ago. Yeah, I’m THAT graceful! I tripped, went down and when I was finally able to get upright, I could no longer walk on my right foot – too painful!

So, it has been an interesting journey! Do you ever feel as if God is against you? In my heart, I know He’s not, but on that Sunday morning, it sure felt like it. It even felt more like it two days later when I came down with some horrible gastrointestinal bug. It was horrible (I will spare you the grisly details!) and all five of us had it. It was a well-traveled bug.

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I am slowly getting back to the fact that I can eat again, though my symptoms have disappeared, I am somewhat gun shy, as you might expect. That area is going well, though my foot still throbs from time to time and I still have to hobble around on my crutches. Time is the great healer, for broken bones at least. I am fortunate that I am not a marathon runner, or my podiatrist would have wanted me to have foot surgery. When she asked about it (since I had a 50/50 chance of needing it or not) I felt my eyes get large and my head shook from side to side. Uh-uh!!!!

It has been most difficult staying put and healing, though not that difficult when I had the GI bug. Who wants to go anywhere with that malady? Yuck! I have had to relearn patience and let others do for me, which about kills me (though my children would disagree!) I am tired, but also resting in God’s love.

Looks like a happy place, doesn’t it?
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I am trying to work out a solution to our housing issue. Please continue to send your prayers at this very difficult time (regarding housing and anything else you want to throw in there – we can use all the help we can get!!!) and we will watch how God works.

Thanks and God bless,


Vanity Pancakes


Every once in a while we have breakfast for dinner. This is especially popular during Fridays in Lent, when we do not eat meat. Yesterday, Child #2 decided to make vanity pancakes.

Vanity pancakes are light and fluffy. We generally make at least a double batch, since a single batch makes 20, 6″ pancakes. These are great as leftovers, or to be frozen for future use. Once you have poured some on your griddle, you may then place a few chocolate chips, blueberries, or your favorite treat in each pancake. Do not add the treats to the batter! They will stick and burn to your pan!

Mix together:

2 cups sweet sorghum flour                                        In a Separate Small Bowl Mix:

1 cup coconut powder                                                2 Tbsp. baking powder          

2 tsp. sugar                                                                  2 tsp. apple cider vinegar

1 tsp. salt                                                                     2 tsp. water

2 eggs                                           Add to first mixture

2 cups milk

6 Tbsp. canola oil

12 oz. sour cream

Combine all ingredients in first list in a large mixing bowl and mix until well blended.  Add baking powder mixture and stir in on low speed until incorporated.  Drop batter onto a well-greased, 325℉ griddle or frying pan.  Add any desired “extras” at this point. Cook until bubbles form and edges look firm (3 – 5 minutes.)  Flip and cook for another minute until second side is golden.  Makes 20, 6” pancakes.

Serving suggestions: Butter, syrup, jam, honey, etc.

Note: For our vanity pancakes, Child #2 added a few semi-sweet chocolate chips after dropping the batter onto the hot griddle. After they were cooked on both sides, she topped them with butter and tart cherry jam. Yummy!

Note #2: If you would like to make these vegetarian or vegan, the substitutions that can be made are as follows:

2 eggs = 2 Tbsp. flax seed meal and 6 Tbsp. warm water (mix separately in a small bowl and add after baking powder mixture)

2 cups milk = 2 cups almond milk

12 oz. sour cream = 12 oz. soy yogurt


A Stumble and a Break

What did she do this time?!!
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Ah, clumsiness, my old friend. What did she do now? Oh, just broke my foot! I’m nothing if not an overachiever! And yes, since I never broke a bone as a child or even young adult, I’m making up for lost time!

As a child my parents had a special addendum added to their insurance so that any accident where a trip to the emergency room was required was specifically covered. We used that addendum at least yearly for me.

Many times it was due to my sister, however, I was always on the losing end. One time she chased me around the kitchen table, which ended with me running into the sharp edge of the countertop. This was before rounded edges were popular.

Another time I was practicing my violin and she got up close to me and put her fingers on my fingerboard. I backed up and landed with the kerosene heater between my legs. Ouch! Terrible burns! I am familiar with Er’s to say the least. I will spare you any more gorry details.

The violin survived better than my legs!
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This time I was hurrying to find the whiteout to fix my song cards for Mass this past Sunday. I tripped on my way out of the bedroom and fell, bending the toes on my right foot back. I had trouble getting up, but eventually did, but couldn’t put weight on the foot.

By the time evening came, I knew I had to go to the ER. My foot was broken. 😔. So, here I am again, laid up on the couch.

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Healing prayers, please. Also, pray for our housing accommodations, since I was supposed to get a “regular” job to make a mortgage refinance possible. Obviously God has another plan.

Making Me Small So You Can Grow

Ever feel like this?
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I have dealt with bullies my whole life. In fact I was just a child when I met the first, and as I learned recently, they’re still out there. Why is it that a few people try to make themselves feel better/bigger/stronger by cutting down/degrading/making fun of others?

I have joined two book clubs at a local library and at the afternoon one is a person who does not like me. It is frustrating to me because I am generally a people pleaser (Stop that, Rita!) and try to be well-informed, smart, funny, and loveable. I somehow failed to impress this person. Is it the color of my skin? Is it that I am Catholic? Is it that she just took an instant dislike to me for who knows why? Perhaps.

I imagine it is because, before I came, hers was the only opinion that counted. She would steamroll over anyone who disagreed with her. I, however, am not cowed by someone like her. I have seen hell; I was married to its caretaker. Bullies no longer scare me.

Let’s put on our capes to fight bullies! If all else fails we can tinkle on their shoes!
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Do I wish she liked me? Maybe. I’m not sure I can bring myself to care. I realize that she is one of God’s children. A disagreeable one to be sure, but one nonetheless. What I see when I look at her is a privileged woman. There are those of the same place in life who don’t act in her manner. However, when someone tries to bully me or belittle my ideas, it rubs a long-traumatized place. Is it fair to put all of this on her? Perhaps not. What does God see when He looks her way? Pray for me, friends!

What are we going to do, Lord?
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It may be small, but it’s all we’ve got.
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Note: Our family is family is facing a terribly difficult and stressful time regarding housing. Please say many prayers for us. I know God has a plan and He truly is so good, but it is human to worry, and I am no exception. Thank you and God bless!


Did Someone Say Cake?

Ok. So this wasn’t my cake, but it could have been!
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Ever since I was a child, our go-to yellow cake was a confection titled “Church Supper Cake” that my mom had found in some church cookbook. It was rich and flavorful and a favorite in our house. Then celiac disease.

I have been trying for quite a few years to perfect this recipe into some semblance of deliciousness that the original cake embodied. I have succeeded! So, here it is:

Gluten Free Church Supper Cake

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray a 9″ x 13″ pan with your favorite gluten-free cooking spray. If you’re making 8″ rounds, cut parchment paper to fit the bottom of the pans, put it in, and coat with the cooking spray, including the pan sides. If you’re making cupcakes, just use muffin cup papers. It’s much easier!

2 cups tapioca starch

1 cup sweet sorghum flour

1 1/2 cups sugar

5 tsp. baking powder

1 Tbsp. xanthan gum

Mix together and add:

3/4 cup butter, softened

1 cup milk

1 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. orange zest (You may freshly zest your orange, careful not to use any of the pith – the white peel under the orange peel, or you may zest a few oranges at a time, spread the zest on a plate or small baking tray covered in parchment paper, freeze until firm, and break apart and store in a freezer container or bag for use in recipes like this one!)

Mix these in and then add:

4 unbeaten eggs

1/2 cup milk

Pour batter into prepared 9″ x 13″ pan and bake for 30 – 40 minutes or until a toothpick (or cake tester for you fancy people!) comes out with a few crumbs sticking to it. If you are making cupcakes make sure that you only fill your cups 1/2 full so that they don’t go over. I use a large cookie scoop, which dispenses the perfect amount of batter for a cupcake! Bake these for 15 – 20 minutes. 8″ round pans are a great option if you like a more vertical cake. Bake these for between 20 and 25 minutes. Enjoy!

Also not mine, but give me a break! It’s 11:50 and I am not making cake!
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Note: These are fantastic with a dark chocolate, coffee frosting. Mmmm…hungry just thinking about it!