Gluten Free Recipes and Writings

Finding HP

I have a problem. Well, let’s face it, I have many problems, but the one I’ve been contemplating a lot lately has to do with child #1. We had always had a great relationship, well we had our ups and downs, but we really connected, you know? This past Fall she went off to startContinue reading “Finding HP”

Adventures in Life

This post was supposed to be about “Adventures in Plumbing” but life interfered. So, while I did change my old showerhead to a new one, I did not have time to replace my leaking kitchen sprayer. Why you ask? Because I was doing that dreaded task of helping child #2 get all of her informationContinue reading “Adventures in Life”

Green Pepper Casserole

Years ago when my children were young, I tried to find a way to make stuffed green peppers that they would like. Everyone loved the filling, but not all the green pepper. So, I figured if I made it with strips of peppers, rather than whole peppers, maybe my children would eat it. Originally, IContinue reading “Green Pepper Casserole”

Adventures in Carpentry

What did I do today? Why, I played carpenter, among other things! Child #3 needed her bed fixed. She shares a bunk bed with her twin sister. As the occupant of the lower bunk, she has two boards running along the sides of her bed with a few 2 x 4’s running perpendicular to holdContinue reading “Adventures in Carpentry”


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Hi, I’m Rita! I’m a single mother of four with a need to cook gluten-free and share only the best recipes with you since I started this journey in 2003. It’s been quite a while, and I am the resident expert (at least in our household!) about cooking gluten-free. I also love to write and will be sharing some stories with you as well, hence the name gluten free recipes and writings!

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