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I want to talk about kindness tonight. Do you remember as a child, picking on another child who was weaker, or different in some way? Maybe you were the picked on child? Don’t you wish someone would have taught you to treat others with kindness? Don’t you wish that people would? I tell my childrenContinue reading “Kindness”


Today I saw a spark of hope, It barely showed at first. But as we fanned the tiny flame, It light and warmth forth burst. The smallest kindness made the flame, Kindle larger and make known. It’s presence be not very small, But great to us, it’s light forth shown.


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Hi, I’m Rita! I’m a single mother of four with a need to cook gluten-free and share only the best recipes with you since I started this journey in 2003. It’s been quite a while, and I am the resident expert (at least in our household!) about cooking gluten-free. I also love to write and will be sharing some stories with you as well, hence the name gluten free recipes and writings!

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