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Frustration creeps over me like a snake. Slithering Wiggling Inching forward until I can’t breathe To scream Or I would. Trapped again. Escape? Not today.

Six Word Story #32

Thought I had it. I didn’t. Prayer Request: I am asking for prayers for my second cousin’s husband, Thom. He has stage four esophageal cancer and could really use your support. He is a father of five. Please offer your prayers for Thom and his family. Thank you!

Finally Done???

I start with the view from my couch/bed. Sad, and yet so happy to have gotten the storage unit cleared out!! Woohoo 🎉!!! Celebration! Well, yes, except that I’m too pooped to party. Yeah.. it’s been a looooooong day. I drove over 100 miles in a moving truck and carted boxes, bags, furniture, you nameContinue reading “Finally Done???”


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This is me!

About Me

Hi, I’m Rita! I’m a single mother of four with a need to cook gluten-free and share only the best recipes with you since I started this journey in 2003. It’s been quite a while, and I am the resident expert (at least in our household!) about cooking gluten-free. I also love to write and will be sharing some stories with you as well, hence the name gluten free recipes and writings!

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