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Considering Others

We went to an amusement park today and I was appalled at some of the behavior practiced there. Some of the people were fine, and even nice. But, like everything else, a few bad apples spoil the batch. We first had an issue, with what used to be called the whirligig. It is now calledContinue reading “Considering Others”


There are always goodbyes. Just when I thought it was finished. It’s not. I find myself tearful again. Will there ever be a final goodbye? I have said the words and left you behind, and yet… To me you still call, waiting for me, Waiting to say goodbye.


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This is me!

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Hi, I’m Rita! I’m a single mother of four with a need to cook gluten-free and share only the best recipes with you since I started this journey in 2003. It’s been quite a while, and I am the resident expert (at least in our household!) about cooking gluten-free. I also love to write and will be sharing some stories with you as well, hence the name gluten free recipes and writings!

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