Happy Independence Day and Berry Picking!

To those of you in my home country of the good old USA, Happy Independence Day or Fourth of July!!! For those of you not in the USA, happy berry picking! We were out early this morning, loaded up with bug spray, to pick wild black raspberries. Yum!!! These berries grow wild on our land,Continue reading “Happy Independence Day and Berry Picking!”

Happy Father’s Day or As It’s Known Around Here – Happy Second Mother’s Day

Father’s day used to be a tough one for our family. The kids’ dad and my now ex-husband was extremely abusive and no one wanted to celebrate him. So I came up with Second Mother’s Day. I figured, as a single mom, I deserved two days of celebration for all my hard work. After all,Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day or As It’s Known Around Here – Happy Second Mother’s Day”

The Liebster Award – My First Award!

First, I want to thank PoojaG for nominating me. Even though she’s half my age, I still enjoy her blog and her unique perspective. Just goes to show that you can have friends of all ages and backgrounds. Now my answers to the questions: What is your favorite book? Oooh – difficult. There are soContinue reading “The Liebster Award – My First Award!”