Grandpa’s Favorite Chocolate Fudge Cake

Hello! Today, as promised, I will post my Grandfather’s special birthday cake. A little background, first. My grandparents lived about an hour away from my mom, dad, sister, and I on our small farm. We would visit and they would visit, but we did not have daily contact. This made it all the more specialContinue reading “Grandpa’s Favorite Chocolate Fudge Cake”

Welcome to Gluten Free Recipes and Writings

Welcome to Gluten Free Recipes and Writings. I am your host, Rita. I have been cooking and baking gluten free for the past 17 years and much longer non-gluten free. My four children and I all have celiac disease, so it is necessary to be creative. I started out on this gluten-free journey over 17Continue reading “Welcome to Gluten Free Recipes and Writings”