In the Image and Likeness

I stopped short yesterday as I went to climb out of my car. A friend of my brother in law’s was helping out around the house and he commented on my skinny legs. He said that my dad also had skinny legs. “Yeah,” I said, “That’s where I got them.” Instead of leaving it atContinue reading “In the Image and Likeness”

The Cans that Bind

When I was a little girl, my mother canned many foods. Nothing like the amount her mother did, though. We grew up on stories of grandma’s canning prowess. The stories about grandma were legendary. We heard tell of her canning everything from windfall peaches, to green beans from her garden, along with the many otherContinue reading “The Cans that Bind”

Your State Parks

We are fortunate enough to live in an area of many state parks. These parks vary in what they offer, but most have hiking trails (a family favorite!) as well as great scenery to enjoy while using said trails! If you live in a state that does not charge to use their parks, then youContinue reading “Your State Parks”

Life and Promise

Life is a funny thing. As I listen to the rain pitter-patter on my windows, I think of the many things I need to accomplish when I awake. Not now, of course. Now is the middle of the night, but rather in the morning and following hours. I am needing to take it just oneContinue reading “Life and Promise”

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: A Good-bye to My Dearest Dairy

I have bad news. It is not the worst news in the world, but it is plenty bad for me. The other night, I was enjoying a large raspberry milkshake from our favorite drive-in eatery. It was awesome – so creamy and rich and rasberrylicious! YUUUUUMMMMM!!!! I enjoyed it greatly on the way down. NotContinue reading “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: A Good-bye to My Dearest Dairy”

A Delicate Matter

I want to talk about something today that we haven’t talked about before. It’s a subject that needs to be discussed, but people are afraid to bring it up. It’s considered shameful, but there is nothing of which to be ashamed. What am I talking about? Child to parent violence or CPV for short. WhatContinue reading “A Delicate Matter”