Most Uplifting Quote

This morning, my mother sent me a forwarded e-mail from one of her favorite sights. Sometimes these quotes are beautiful, and sometimes, I find them barbed with intention of what my life should be and isn’t. That’s probably just me projecting, but nonetheless, is how I sometimes feel. Today’s quote, however, struck a chord withContinue reading “Most Uplifting Quote”

Give Me S’more!

It may have started out as bad grammar, but there is no doubt that s’mores have become a staple to children here in the US. What exactly is in a name? Well, to the best of my knowledge s’mores received their moniker by someone wanting “some more.” This got glued together (much like the s’moreContinue reading “Give Me S’more!”

Post-Partum Flashback

Here in the states, we have a program that explores what regular people would do in uncomfortable situations. Tonight, I happened to tune in and they were talking about post-partum depression. It hit me hard. The show pictured a young mother (an actress) with various people overhearing her conversation with her friend (another actress) orContinue reading “Post-Partum Flashback”

Zest for Life

Have you ever wondered what the difference between lemon peel and lemon zest was? When I first started cooking as a child, I had absolutely no idea about zest. What we had was an old bottle filled with dried “lemon peel.” It was old and I in no way wanted to add that to anyContinue reading “Zest for Life”