Mental Health Update-Child #3

You may remember my writings regarding my third child. She has struggled greatly with the abuses piled on her by her father. Since he is no longer in our lives (thank you, Jesus!) I am left to deal with the fallout of so many years of abuse. Currently, she has eight different diagnoses, and strugglesContinue reading “Mental Health Update-Child #3”

Old Movies

Child #2 and I watched “Going My Way” tonight. It’s an old black and white movie from the 1940’s starring Bing Crosby. That child had not seen it yet! Now, we watch “Holiday Inn” at least once a year as well as the old “Miracle on 34th Street,” but “Going My Way was a newContinue reading “Old Movies”

To Win at what Price?

I visited my mom today. If you have been a follower of my blog for long, you know that we have had a tempestuous relationship with my extended family, since I kicked my now-ex-husband out of my house over four years ago. She took his side, ignoring the fact that he was terribly abusive toContinue reading “To Win at what Price?”

May God be on My Mind, on My Lips, and in My Heart

I’m not sure how much you know about the Catholic Church. I am, in fact, what is called a “cradle Catholic.” In other words, I was born into my Catholicism and have not strayed from it. I love going to Mass. It is the most calming and beautiful time of my week. I got toContinue reading “May God be on My Mind, on My Lips, and in My Heart”

Fall Storm and Decadent Frosting

The wind is whipping around tonight. I hear it howl through the trees. It is like a wild beast, screaming and gnashing it’s teeth. The trees that can bend do, but those that are too rigid will break tonight. Be flexible to God’s Will and bend with Him. Today I made cupcakes for children #3’sContinue reading “Fall Storm and Decadent Frosting”

Tasty Tuna Burgers

I have long loved tuna burgers, but have struggled with a recipe. I wanted it to be simple, with only a few, non-specialty, ingredients, but also something so very tasty that my family would love it and want seconds. Tuesday is one of my cooking nights and I decided to take on the challenge. InContinue reading “Tasty Tuna Burgers”