Leftover Turkey – BBQ Style

Now we have all had leftover turkey at one time or another. Whether it’s after Thanksgiving, or another time where you only made a turkey breast, but the leftovers seem to multiply. The other day, the lunchtime after we had had a big turkey for dinner, I was racking my brain to figure out somethingContinue reading “Leftover Turkey – BBQ Style”


The wind outside is swirling. The snow has filled in the footprints and blessed the scene with crystalline purity. Inside her the storm also rages. Hey, it’s me. If you’re reading this he finally did it. She couldn’t take it; listening to her other personality. He did the best he could, but it was neverContinue reading “Suicide”

Green Pepper Casserole

Years ago when my children were young, I tried to find a way to make stuffed green peppers that they would like. Everyone loved the filling, but not all the green pepper. So, I figured if I made it with strips of peppers, rather than whole peppers, maybe my children would eat it. Originally, IContinue reading “Green Pepper Casserole”

The Annual Squish-A-Boob and Our Favorite Creamy Dip

Today was the day of my annual squish-a-boob test, otherwise known as my mammogram. Yeah, it was THAT day! I used to go to a clinic about twenty miles away to see “Rose” but she retired earlier this year. Nooooooooooo! I loved Rose. She made the annual squish-fest into a non-painful event. No black andContinue reading “The Annual Squish-A-Boob and Our Favorite Creamy Dip”