Sharing Saturday: 15% off Sale!

I will not be belaboring this post! The fact is that Young Living is having a 15% off site-wide sale! So, all of those amazing products I’ve been blogging about for the past several months on Saturdays? Yeah. On. Sale. Right. Now. So, get over to my link and start your orders! Fight! Win! Save!Continue reading “Sharing Saturday: 15% off Sale!”

Whathe Chicken Tortilla Soup?

So, Child #4 is sick.  Child #3 is also sick.  Child #2 is trying desperately trying to not catch this cold, as am I. Solution?  Chicken soup!  However, I do not like chicken soup!  This is a personal issue.  I believe it comes from growing up with my dad who absolutely detested anything fowl. YouContinue reading “Whathe Chicken Tortilla Soup?”

Sharing Saturday: A New Use for Digize Vitality

Digize Vitality… hmmm…what can I say here? Honestly, this is probably my least favorite oil. That is, it was until Thursday night. I had just finished up with our Young Living zoom meeting which, to be honest, I have a hard time attending, as it starts at 8 pm and goes until about 9 pm.Continue reading “Sharing Saturday: A New Use for Digize Vitality”

Deeeeep Thoughts

Does anyone else remember the segment on Saturday Night Live entitled “Deep Thoughts”? I remember this segment fondly, though it seems few others do. It was a nonsensical segment with quotes from Jack Handy (Oh my goodness! I just got that joke!!!) relating to life in all its strangeness. The one that’s coming to mindContinue reading “Deeeeep Thoughts”

Sharing Saturday: Happy Easter and a Prayer Request

First and foremost, I would like to wish you a blessed and holy Easter. Yay!!!! Easter is almost here! Second, I want to let you in on a little secret. Child #2 thought I should share my Thieves cleaner mixture on Pinterest with a demonstration on how well it cleans a dirty stovetop. So, thatContinue reading “Sharing Saturday: Happy Easter and a Prayer Request”

A Funny Thing Happened in the Living Room

I just had to blog about what happened in our living room earlier this evening. If you don’t know us well, I will tell you a little secret…we are all funny and we tend to bounce off each other. So, Child #2 is sitting in the living room chair with my pup, Delilah. Child #4Continue reading “A Funny Thing Happened in the Living Room”