Annie’s Burger Town Update

Our beloved Annie’s Burger Town.

Hi, everyone! Just thought I’d give an update on Annie’s (our favorite drive-in restaurant that burned just a few hours after celebrating my birthday there with dinner.) Here’s the story link:

There has been a GoFundMe page set up for Jeff and Maria Halpin, the owners. Here is the link:

There is also a fundraiser t-shirt available. One of the local printing companies (where Annie’s gets the shirts that the servers wear) is donating all materials and labor so that all proceeds will go directly to Jeff and Maria to help them in their time of need. Here’s that link:

The fundraiser t-shirt and the night of the fire, May 18

Thanks everyone! Please keep the prayers coming for this wonderful small business! They are like family to a lot of people in Walworth County and have hired countless young people as servers and cooks over the years, not to mention all of their generosity to our community. Please support them as they have supported us!

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