Sharing Saturday: A New Use for Digize Vitality

Sinus headache got you down? Try digize vitality!

Digize Vitality… hmmm…what can I say here? Honestly, this is probably my least favorite oil. That is, it was until Thursday night.

I had just finished up with our Young Living zoom meeting which, to be honest, I have a hard time attending, as it starts at 8 pm and goes until about 9 pm. By that time I’ve had a full day at work (last Thursday I got to clean one of our rooms and its bathroom from top to bottom as well as putting on all the bedding on the five beds!) So, as you can imagine, I was bushed.

But, after my shower, I felt a bit more awake and decided to tune in. It’s not that these meetings aren’t wonderful and helpful, but by 8 pm on Thursday night, I’ve had four straight days of work, as well as my two dinner cooking nights, and children chauffeuring. Well, you get the picture.

Too much to do! I’m knackered!

This month we are discussing allergies and ways to help one cope. The suggestion was made to use digize vitality on the forehead to help sinuses drain. Now, I had just faced four days of surrendering to the ibuprofen with a caffeinated soda because of my sinus headaches, so I was more than ready for this tip!

Generally, we say that if something smells bad to you amongst the oils, it is because your body needs that oil. Well, digize has definitely smelled bad to me, even though I didn’t have a lot of upset stomachs or constipation, for which it is suggested to be used. This new use intrigued me.

So, I dropped some of my digize vitality on a cotton ball and proceeded to draw a line with it over my forehead, careful to not get it near my eyes. I also applied it on my upper cheeks, to make sure my sinuses got all they needed. It didn’t smell great (chocolate and mulch, people!) but there are worse smells, by far.

My sinus helper!

I went to bed and lo and behold, woke with no headache! A miracle! I have been using it every night since, and really enjoy being able to sleep flat (and not propped up by four pillows!) and still not wake up with my head pounding! Yay for digize vitality!!! No more sinus headaches and sinus pressure! Woohoo!

This was my first starter bundle! I’m about ready to order it for the third time! Best deal!

If you would like to experience this for yourself, I suggest the starter kit, which has the digize vitality, but also a whole bunch of other awesome oils to use and diffuse. It comes with a diffuser, Ningxia Red samples, Thieves hand sanitizer samples and a whole lot more. Check out all of the loyalty bundles through my link below:

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