Deeeeep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

Does anyone else remember the segment on Saturday Night Live entitled “Deep Thoughts”? I remember this segment fondly, though it seems few others do.

It was a nonsensical segment with quotes from Jack Handy (Oh my goodness! I just got that joke!!!) relating to life in all its strangeness.

The one that’s coming to mind tonight was about how parents should talk nonsense to their children so that they have no idea how to speak the English language! As a teen I thought this was hysterically funny! As an adult, I can see the mean side of it, and though I would never do that to my kids (they’re too old for it anyway! 😁) it is slightly less funny now.

I struggle to see humor in many things that I used to think were great. Is this a normal part of aging? Am I destined to be a stick in the mud?

I find it harder and harder to get a huge belly laugh from the world around me. When did everything get so serious? When did I get (horrors!)…old?

Maybe I’m just in a funk. My doctor has been adjusting a med for me and it did not go well. So, here I am, bellylaughless, feeling ill, not to mention sad. Oh, yeah, I have a funeral to go to tomorrow! And one of my favorite people from work got a new job. 😭😭😭. What can I say? It’s been a crappy week. Here’s hoping next week is much better!

Spring is here!

At least spring has finally sprung and the flowers are budding. Yay!

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I am a single mother, a Christian, a writer, an abuse survivor, a reader, and a friend. I've wanted to be a writer my entire life and now here I am!

8 thoughts on “Deeeeep Thoughts

  1. Yikes! It does sounds like a week that could remove one’s urge to laugh, hang in!

    On another hand, I relate to you in growing up in my sense of humor. When I was a teenager I had a dark sense of humor, which is pretty normal, for teens are discovering life and pushing boundaries. One way we did it was to laugh at things that the adults didn’t laugh at. That made us seem more advanced than them, because they were so old school and old fashioned! We didn’t realize just how immature we were!

    Then we too experienced life, and came to understand why our parents didn’t laugh or poke fun of things: it was just mean or mean spirited to do so as an adult.

    We may be a stick in the mud, but because of what we have gone through, we are able to appreciate so much about our lives and find joy in the most mundane or tiny thing!

    Maybe that’s just progress and our teenage minds couldn’t see or appreciate it!


      1. Of course you will! It will happen when you aren’t necessarily expecting it!


  2. It’s hard to laugh when you’re having a rough time. And I do also tend to find things less funny as I age. I do watch SNL but I don’t remember that segment. Anyway, I hope things look up soon 🙂


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