Sharing Saturday: Feeling Down

Don’t be sad, Mama, I love you!

Hi, everyone!  Thanks for joining me on glutenfreerecipesandwritings!  I’m feeling a bit down today.  You see, today is Ducky’s birthday.  Today he is 11.  Will he live to see 12?  This is the question which plagues me tonight.

We met Ducky when we visited a no-kill shelter in Mundelein, Illinois a few years back.  We were there to see a pupper named Monet.  Monet was blind, and although totally adorable, her long hair triggered my allergies.  While we were there, another pupper was brought in.  He had been found wandering the streets of Barrington with a grey poodle.  She still needed some help, but Ducky was good to go.  In fact, he wasn’t even Ducky yet. 

Child #1 was a huge NCIS fan, and she gave him his moniker at the shelter.  She dubbed him “Dr. Donald Mallard” or “Ducky” for short after the show’s famous medical examiner.  Since we were the first to look at him, we got first dibs on him.  He had clearly attached himself to Child #1, so Ducky became ours.

We took him home and tried to break him of the habit of tinkling anywhere he felt like it (an unpleasant remnant of his street days!)  These days he wears diapers that Child #2 makes for him, with pads in them in case of an accident.  He’s gotten much better, but now that he’s a senior, accidents happen.

So, I digress…this is a Sharing Saturday post, and here I am going on about our big boy super pup.  Well, here is my point: When I am feeling down, to what do I turn.  Well, first off, if you know me, you know I turn to God in prayer.  After that, though?  Yeah, my diffuser.

And just what do I put in my diffuser?  Why bergamot, of course!  This citrus oil is such a lift to my spirits, that I’ll be sure to wake on the bright side of the couch!

Yay, Bergamot!!!

If you would like to order bergamot or any of the other awesome Young Living products, please use my link below.  Happy Holy Week and please say an extra prayer for Ducky!

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5 thoughts on “Sharing Saturday: Feeling Down

  1. Sending good thoughts to you when you feel blue! I like how you have recognized what you are feeling and have a remedy on hand for that! With senior dogs, every week and month is precious. Take many photos and videos of your baby!


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