Sharing Saturday: Thieves Cleaner Pet Style

Thieves Cleaner Concentrate. Exciting news – YL just got the big bottle back in stock. Yay!

As you may know, we have three emotional support dogs. They are small (totalling 20 lbs.!) but their messes are mighty! I had been searching and searching for a pet cleaner that would work now that we have carpets in our home.

In the old house it was all either hardwoods or tile; no carpet! We did this for a variety of reasons, the first being our allergies. The second was that Child #4 decided to spread cocoa all over her carpet in her bedroom, which subsequently had to be removed, along with many ruined toys. If you have ever had to clean up cocoa, you know that it’s kind of oily, and thus is nearly impossible to clean off of soft surfaces.

Here is my mixture! We use it everyday!

So, now that we have carpeting in our apartment, we need something to clean it. We do have a small carpet cleaner that works well, but for everyday accidents (or spite “accidents”) I now have my pet thieves cleaner. Here is what it contains:

2 parts Thieves Cleaner Concentrate

8 parts cheap vodka (I’m talking the $8/750 ml kind!)

Mix together in a spray bottle. When you have a puddle, make sure to soak it up with paper towels or a rag first. Then spray heavily with the cleaner you mixed and soak that all up with another rag or bunch of paper towels. Wala! No more pet smell! Yay for thieves!

If you are interested in this product or any of the other amazing Young Living products, please follow my link! Thanks everyone and God bless!

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