Sharing Saturday: Ginger Vitality

Our wonder stomach oil!

Recently, we have discovered Young Living’s ginger vitality essential oil. I like a little ginger in my stir fry or chop suey. I never really thought of it as an essential oil. Well, maybe as a scent to be diffused.

However, since Child #2 suffers terribly from gas issues among other tummy issues, she started putting a couple of drops of ginger vitality oil in a bottle of flavored water. She finds that this helps immensely with her stomach issues. She is able to eat much less carefully without getting sick to her stomach.

She still has celiac disease, but her usual triggers, like spaghetti, etc. are no longer an issue! It’s been awesome! I found that I like it in orange zip fizz. Makes it taste like spiced ice tea. Yum!

So, if you have tummy troubles, give this a try. If you are interested in ginger vitality or any of the other marvelous products from Young Living, please use my link!

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