A Burger Upgrade

This was the biscuit mix I used to make the buns.

This evening I was making some burgers for dinner.  What can I say, I found three packages for clearance 50% off, so one for dinner, and two into the freezer for another two meals.  Score!

Anyway, I had this idea to take a package of our favorite cheddar garlic biscuits and make them into hamburger buns.  I just made them like normal, but added the spices you’re supposed to add to butter to pour over said biscuits, into the mix. Also, I put in a cup of sharp cheddar cheese, not the 1/2 cup for which is called. I shaped out four buns and baked them for 21 minutes in a 425° oven.  They were perfect!

I let the buns cool slightly and then sliced them open for the burgers, which I had cooked over a large, thinly sliced onion.  The onions caramelized and I stacked the hamburger, onions and a slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese on the biscuit – bun and closed the other half over it.  I would show you pictures, but I couldn’t find my phone to take them and the meal was eaten quickly.  Everyone agreed the burgers were awesome!  Yay!  Score one for mom!

Yeah, it actually looked much better than this!

Published by Rita

I am a single mother, a Christian, a writer, an abuse survivor, a reader, and a friend. I've wanted to be a writer my entire life and now here I am!

11 thoughts on “A Burger Upgrade

      1. Nice! All very yummy stuff! I love new culinary discoveries! Hellooo… food truck?! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


      2. Oooh! I’ve never eaten at a food truck. I guess I’m a little afraid that it won’t be gf! Have a Very Merry Christmas and a beautiful new year!


      3. Hmmm, if there isn’t a gluten-free food truck in your area, maybe one is needed! This recipe is a great offering for a food truck menu! Variations on the burgers, but all using gluten-free buns!


      4. Who knows?! Is it something you’d see yourself doing? The idea of starting a business is finding a niche where there is a need. The main barrier is if you see yourself doing it or if you don’t. If you do, developing funding or finding an angel investor is a good next step! If you see yourself doing this, who knows? You may have found a niche!


      5. I think I’m more interested in helping people at the homeless shelter, but this is something that I wouldn’t mind considering. I don’t know that much about food trucks, but I do have one child who wants to open a bakery one day. Who knows?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. It’s an idea that you can let percolate and plan for if it’s something that interests you. Who knows what the future holds!


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