Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Not our turkey, but you get the idea!

God is so good! We are in our new home for just over two weeks now and have made great progress in setting up house. The kids have their beds. I have my sofa. The TV is in (a must with teenagers!) There’s a turkey in the fridge, just waiting to be buttered and slid into a paper bag to bake to perfection in just two-three hours.

Pies still need to be made, as I was way too tired to do so last night! Yes…I ramble. It isn’t even 6:30 in the morning, people! I’m tired, but thankful! 😊

What are we having today? Well, naturally, there’s the turkey. I am not a huge turkey fan, but it is traditional, and the kids won’t let me skip it, so here we are. I’ll also be making traditional mashed potatoes. This year we are having roasted garlic brussel sprouts. That recipe is below! Yum! Child #3 will also be making cheddar-garlic biscuits from a mix I bought at Aldi. Yeah, it’s a cheat, but too bad. How am I supposed to make everything from scratch?!!! I’m not superhuman! I know I’m awesome, but please…give me a break!

Roasted Garlic Brussel Sprouts

My mouth is watering already!

2 cups fresh brussel sprouts

Your favorite gf non-stick cooking spray

1 Tbsp. Minced garlic

1/2 tsp salt

7 Tbsp. Safflower oil

Spray your foil covered pan with your favorite gf non-stick cooking spray. Place your brussel sprouts on the foil and sprinkle the minced garlic and salt over the top. Drizzle the safflower oil over the top and bake at 375° F for 35 minutes or until the brussel sprouts are tender and fragrant. Enjoy!

More pies this year are going to be a bit different. We have sweet cherries which I’m going to pair with cranberries to balance out the sweet – sour thing. The pumpkin pie will be pumpkin – cheesecake pie. Both of these recipes I will be coming up with this morning. If they turn out like I think they will, I’ll be posting them soon.

Oh, and who can forget my fabulous cranberry sauce that takes the bitter away? So good! You can find that at this link:


So, that’s the plan for today. I better get moving or we won’t have any of it! No. That’s not true. One of the things I like best about Thanksgiving is how we all cook together. One person will be in charge of the biscuits; one in charge of the turkey; one in charge of the cranberry sauce; one in charge of the brussel sprouts. It works and then no one is stuck doing everything. Perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, even if you do not specifically celebrate the holiday, there is much for which to be grateful! God bless you!

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I am a single mother, a Christian, a writer, an abuse survivor, a reader, and a friend. I've wanted to be a writer my entire life and now here I am!

11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1. Soooo happy for you guys! It seems only a short time ago when the dark night looked never-ending, but you are experiencing the dawn of a new time! Bravo!


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