Where I Stand…What Will You Do?

Children are such a beautiful gift!

A few weeks ago I was discussing a delicate matter with a friend at the shelter. It was appalling to me that he had no real knowledge of the matter and yet had a very strong opinions on it! What?

So, I asked him if he was ok with pulling children apart. He was like, “Of course not! That’s barbaric!” I said to him, ” You do realize that that is what abortion is, right? The medical staff pulls out arms, legs, (attached or ripped off,) whatever they can get to until they get “it” all. Partial birth is worse. They pull out the baby until the head is out, then stab the neck to kill it, and then pull out the rest of the “tissue” (read baby.) All while refuting that the baby can feel pain.

Oh sure, if the baby is only a few weeks along, it may not quite look like a baby yet, but let me reassure you that at 18 days there is a beating heart. Now, can you tell me with certainty that that is not a person?

I find it totally interesting that if someone wants a child, a preborn child is a baby. While, if the child isn’t wanted, it’s “tissue.” Anything to make the baby with a beating heart seem not human.

You wanted to do what to me?

This is especially difficult for me since losing a baby to miscarriage. People didn’t really know what to say since, according to the law at that point, Prudence wasn’t even a baby. Can you imagine my horror and pain? Especially after the doctor was so disappointed that I hadn’t brought her in for them to poke a prod. No. I think not.

I agree that we need work on help for those who need support for after the baby is born. Raising a child is expensive and there needs to be better resources for those who choose life. However, killing someone is never the answer. Do you know how many families desperately want children and can’t have them? This touched our family deeply as my own sister and her husband had this problem and ended up adopting from China. This was because of the laws regarding adoption in the U.S. which favor the biological parents.

Also, in reference to children conceived in rape, etc. I feel that it is not the baby’s fault so why should they pay the ultimate price? I have no wish to traumatize any mother, but I don’t feel that murder is the answer either. How can it be your “choice” when it is ending someone’s life?

So, this November, if you are in agreement, please make your vote count! Let’s tell everyone that a preborn baby is a baby!!!

My adopted family loves me so much!

A Note: I have decided to not have comments on this blog post. I know there are people who do not agree with me, but honestly, this is my blog and I feel that I am entitled to my beliefs. Please do not waste your time or mine by trying to refute my opinion. You won’t change it. Hate mail can stay in your corner. Please do not feel the need to share it with me!

God bless you all!


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I am a single mother, a Christian, a writer, an abuse survivor, a reader, and a friend. I've wanted to be a writer my entire life and now here I am!

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