Sharing Saturday: Lavender Essential Oil

YL’s pure lavender essential oil.

I have not always been a huge fan of lavender. In fact, I thought I was allergic to the scent. I was not. It was probably all of the other impure ingredients that most companies use.

I absolutely love Young Living’s pure lavender essential oil. Not only does it smell amazing, but the healing properties I have witnessed are pretty amazing too.

Our skin is the biggest organ that we have, right? So, if we have rough patches that might break open and bleed, like I do on some of my fingers during the colder months mostly, how do we get rid of them? I will put YL’s pure lavender essential oil directly on the sore spot to help heal it. I’ve seen it work, and work quickly.

However, I have found that the cause of these spots seems to be using toxic products on my skin. That lovely, blue dishwashing liquid that they show cleaning the ducks after an oil spill? Oh, yes, my friend, very toxic! Most hand soaps have toxic ingredients that dry out and hurt our hands. When I switched to Thieves foaming hand soap, as I reviewed last week, my hands improved rapidly. I notice that my hands are good until I need to wash dishes in the community kitchen, where all they have are name-brand, toxic soaps. Then it’s back to the bad skin spots. 😔

Add lavender to your wool laundry balls for a calming scent to your clothes.

Not only does lavender heal, it also smells great for your wool laundry balls that you use to help dry your clothes. It soothes Child #3 to sleep, when he is struggling. It relaxes this mom and helps everyone here to be calm. A friend of mine, who was really stressed put a little on her wrists and was amazed at how it immediately calmed her! It’s also good when you are grieving, which is good since my friend lost her brother last month and was having a really rough time of it.

The thing that I think is truly awesome is that it is safe around animals. I know that there have been many warnings about lavender essential oils poisoning pets. This is simply not true for Young Living. That’s because it’s so pure, with no nasty additives. So feel free to indulge, even if you have a pet. You’re safe with YL!

If you are ready to order, please use my link below:

Every order is appreciated and helpful to our family. God bless you all abundantly!

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2 thoughts on “Sharing Saturday: Lavender Essential Oil

  1. It’s great for anxiety, at least mine (I’m not a doctor, and as such, can’t give medical advice! 😉) I also use Peace and Calming for that purpose. It’s what they call a trauma release oil, so I’ve found that it helps to heal my trauma. It’s been wonderful! Best wishes!


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