Sharing Saturday: Thieves Dental Floss

My hero!

I have been so pleased with the Thieves products from Young Living. My latest find lately was the Thieves dental floss.

It has been a challenge to find a floss that works for me and doesn’t hurt my gums. It also needs to get in the correct spaces (of course!)

Happy Mouth!

Since I liked the thieves products I’ve tried, I thought I’d try this one. I was so happy I did! It works well, getting in all of those nooks and crannies and did such a great job! I was so pleased!

Great smile!

So, now, I’m telling you that this is the dental floss that you want in your medicine cabinet! Especially, of you have sensitive gums or teeth. So, clean up those choppers and order yours soon! Below you’ll find the link to my account. Happy ordering.

Thanks everyone!

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