Sharing Saturday: All-Purpose Insect Riddance Diffusion

No bugs! No, not that kind of bug 🪲!!!

Ah, the joys of summer – warm weather, flowers, vegetables from the garden, bugs…wait! Bugs? Yes. Those irritating little nasties that can turn the loveliest day into a misery.

So, what do we do about them? Well, where we are in the shelter, we get the occasional bug and or arachnid in our room. Ewwwww! I hate creepy crawly things and will go to great pains to avoid them.

Here is my latest solution. For those of you with a diffuser, good for you! This recipe will work for you! For those of you without a diffuser, what in the heck are you waiting for??? Please see my link at the end of this post and check out all of the cool diffusers that Young Living has to offer.

Currently, we are using my little owl diffuser in the bathroom (it was a free gift with my order last month!) and my powerhouse, Desert Mist, diffuser in the bedroom. Both have the following combination of oils and I haven’t seen a bug or arachnid since!

My latest bug-fighting superheroes!

3 drops YL peppermint essential oil

5 – 7 drops YL pine essential oil

Diffuse and worry about bugs and other pests no longer! I like this combination because the pine, although awesome and very woodsy, can be a bit overpowering. The peppermint is a lovely accent and reminds me of Christmas! I love Christmas almost as much as I detest bugs and other creepy crawlers!

So, please support our family by purchasing something awesome from Young Living! My link is below. While you’re at it, check out the diffusers. I love both of my diffusers, but I would adore having one of the lantern ones. They are just so pretty!

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