Circling the Wagons

Ok. I tried to find a pic of circling wagons, but this single wagon was the best I could find. Just imagine them end to end in a circle!

Today we circled the wagons in our family. Not sure what I mean? Well, in the old days, well before I was born, (no snarky remarks, please!) families traveling West in the U.S. toward new lands and adventure, would circle their wagons with other families who were also traveling West in their caravan at night when they camped. This formed an inside circle to protect the families from any ill-meaning people who were trying to steal from or harm them.

Today it was my mother’s brother, Chuck’s turn. You see, we lost his wife, Aunt Judy about eight years ago. It was quite a blow to my uncle, who had been married for fifty years to this wonderful woman. In his grief, he reached out to an old school chum. He and Nancy rekindled their friendship and spent a few short years together. Recently, Nancy passed unexpectedly. It was a shock, to say the least, and the loss of a truly devout and fun-loving lady.

Today was Nancy’s funeral. I drove mom the hour and a half drive to the Church where 10 am Mass was celebrated in honor of Nancy. We didn’t know Nancy nearly well enough, but Uncle Chuck did. We were there for Nancy and her family, but mostly for Uncle Chuck.

Photo by Dani Mota on

I also got to reconnect with my cousin, Laura! Shout out to Laura and her beautiful family! We had a really nice conversation, something we rarely get to do, since she lives in a completely different part of the U.S.

Prayers, please!

So, please, as you say your prayers (hopefully including our family!) please include Uncle Chuck, Nancy, and her family.

Thanks and God bless,


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