Never Just a Cake Mix

Will the sun shine on my cake creation?

Today I decided to use up some of last Summer’s homemade peach jam. But what to do with it? I have, on occasion, used baking mixes. Mostly they are a base for something tasty. That was the case today. I don’t exactly have my own kitchen right now, so I have to borrow one to bake. The logistics are challenging to say the least!

Cake mix mixed up.

So, I started out by using a white cake mix for a 9″ x 13″ pan. I made the cake mix according to the directions, just substituting milk for the water for which was called. I mixed up the cake batter and spread it in my pre-greased pan. On top of the cake batter, I spooned about three cups of my homemade peach jam, though I would think that your favorite jam would work well too. Just think of all the flavors you could try; combinations galore!

Add that jam!!!!

The baking directions were a little tricky, since the cake was not originally designed for jam. The directions read to bake the cake for 16 – 19 minutes. However, I ended up baking it with the jam on it for about 45 minutes. Totally worth the wait!

One word – yummmmm!

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