Sharing Saturdays: White Angelica

So very amazing at reducing my trauma!

Hello, everyone! This Saturday I have decided to share a new oil that I just tried. First, why I tried it.

On Tuesday, just when I thought it was safe to visit my local mart store, I came face to face with the ex’s minion. I looked over and there was the ex. Trauma! Trauma! Trauma! Now, by rights I could have called the police or made the store throw him out (I do have a restraining order, after all, and a copy with me at all times!)

I couldn’t even think of that. I looked away and pretended it didn’t bother me – that he wasn’t worth my time, which he’s not. However, I was shaken. I left as soon as I had paid for my groceries.

I was still shaking when I went to my Young Living Zoom meeting. My friends suggested that I get out my White Angelica essential oil and put it in my hair and down my body, over my clothes. Okaaaay. Seemed odd to me, but then I know exactly how powerful the Young Living oils are.

So, I did as suggested. I felt better, but didn’t realize how much until I had washed my hair and gotten ready for bed. As I was explaining to Child #1 what had transpired, I started having a panic attack. I realized what was happening and went to put on more White Angelica. It completely calmed me. It was like the trauma of seeing him happened a long time ago and it could no longer hurt me. Amazing. This is one oil with which I never want to be without!

Interested? Here’s my link:

I hope my story inspires you to try Young Living essential oils. They are amazing! God bless and please send along prayers for housing. We are still struggling on that front.

Published by Rita

I am a single mother, a Christian, a writer, an abuse survivor, a reader, and a friend. I've wanted to be a writer my entire life and now here I am!

2 thoughts on “Sharing Saturdays: White Angelica

  1. Yes. I don’t want to live anywhere near him! The White Angelica was a total game changer for me. Before I would have totally obsessed about the encounter. Now, I’m like, “What a jerk!” and move on.


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