Sharing Saturday: Digize Vitality Essential Oil

This is what I used on Lulu to great effect!

When I first got my essential oil kit from Young Living, I was eagerly smelling all of the essential oils that came with it. It was exciting – like my birthday! There was one smell, however, that I did not find appetizing. Well, to be honest, a lot of trauma, etc. can affect how you perceive the scents from your oils. Also, these oils are extremely concentrated, so if you hold the bottle right up to your nose, you will be struck by the scent. This is not the case when they are diffused, as they are meant to be, or even applied to your body. Think of opening a strong smelling candle after it has sat with its lid on for many days. Whoa! That’s strong. The artificial scent of the candle is actually harmful for you, whereas the essential oils are not. They may smell strongly, but they aren’t overpowering when used as directed.

“Did someone say car ride?” Delilah.

So. Digize vitality. This one smelled like chocolate and mulch to me. Not unpleasant, but not my favorite. What on earth is this one for? I questioned. Tummy upset. O.k. We have used it on Child #4’s tummy for gas pain and bloating and it did work, no chemicals required. Our latest discovery, though, was the best and I am so excited to share it with you guys!

As you may or may not know, we have three little dogs. They are all ESA’s (Emotional Support Animals) or service dogs. Our tiniest dog, Lulu, has been suffering from carsickness since we got her, thus making travel difficult and unpleasant. Delilah, her sister, has no such problem and adores the call of “Car ride!” Child #2 and I were going to pick up Child #4 (Lulu’s mama) from school on Thursday and really wanted to bring Lulu with, since she adores her Emotional Support Human!

I decided to give digize a try. I put my finger over the top of the open bottle, turned it over, and quickly turned it back, thus dispensing less than a drop, since Lulu is only about 5 pounds. This I rubbed on her back. We made the 30-minute trek to Child #4’s school with no problem and even were able to stop at a hardware store and then on to home with no problem. No vomiting. Yay!!! It’s digize vitality for the win!

I can go on car rides now!

No more car sickness for Lulu! We even gave it another try today when we went to a meeting for Child #4 in the next town over. Great success! Now, we just have to try it out on Ducky. He’s about 10 pounds and has major anxiety near the end of car trips. I think, since we adopted him from a shelter, he was taken out somewhere and dumped (he was found wondering the streets) and that he is terrified that it’s going to happen again. Nope. He has found his forever home with us and we love him dearly! He’s such a goof; our court jester. Lulu, of course, is the queen. While Delilah is her bodyguard!

We want Young Living essential oils too!!!!

Careful: Essential oils from Young Living are very pure, thus the Seed to Seal Promise. They do require caution to use, as one would any treatment. I know that some of you are going to question whether they are safe for animals, as you’ve probably heard essential oils are not. However, all essential oils are not created equal. Many are not pure essential oils, like lavender, and can be harmful to your pets. This is not the case with Young Living’s essential oils. They are extremely pure, and therefore very concentrated. So, use caution and common sense, but also don’t refrain from using them in the manner in which they were meant.

Here’s the link to find out more about digize vitality essential oil:

If you want to support me (and the kiddos) on my Young Living journey, please consider ordering here:

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