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Today was not a great day. I had high hopes for it, but alas, here we are. I got super frustrated when I got more unhelpful advice regarding our housing situation. Then, I was going to take Child #3 to get blood work done at the hospital when I looked over at his legs and realized that he had cut them up terribly. Wonderful! So, if I took him to the hospital for the blood work, they would ship him off to the mental hospital.

So, off to the local Goodwill to donate more items from our over-crowded house instead. This particular store is just two towns East of home.

When we arrived there was no one out there to help me. So I started unloading my own stuff. After a couple bags, I got a cart. I had filled it to the top and traded it for another empty cart by the time an employee came out to yell at me that they wouldn’t accept the shelf that I had brought.

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I shot back at him that if someone had been out there to help me, he could have told me that before I took it out of the car! He wasn’t really interested in helping me, and I wasn’t thrilled with him. He tried to excuse himself by telling me that he was so far away, but I cut him off again and told him that I didn’t care. He was so nasty, and to someone who was donating things for the store to sell and make money! All for free! Do you really want to offend someone who is helping you? Then he went on to help another lady, whom he actually asked if he could help! đŸ˜¡!!!

Why oh why does the world seem to be full of incompetent jerks today?

I’m hoping for a better tomorrow. It is, after all, my birthday.

A birthday cake. Not mine, but you get the idea.

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