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Sharing is Caring!
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I have been thinking about how to post this for a while now. As you know, if you are familiar with my blog, I am a single mom of four kiddos. We have been struggling financially for quite some time. It started with the divorce (loss of income, even though our home finally became safe from his terror) and then loss of job due to COVID. I was a temp, so I didn’t even get unemployment. I was stuck.

I have always wanted to write and be my own boss. I have written a children’s book. “The Adventures of Snowball the Semi-Mighty Dog” is available on Amazon in paperback or e-book. Unfortunately, sales have been slow. I started looking for other opportunities. I knew it would be nearly impossible for me to work in an office, what with Child #3’s mental and other difficulties. I needed to be home when he was. I am his person and all that goes along with that. It makes life rough.

Young Living Essential Oils home

A friend suggested I look into Young Living. “What’s that?” I asked. I was told it was high-quality essential oils that could help with all sorts of things. Really? Child #3 immediately came to mind. I would do virtually anything to help him. So, I ordered my kit and gave it a shot.

At first, I was totally overwhelmed. No surprise there! But Lydia, our friend’s friend, who helped me, was amazing. She explained things over and over, as I have absolutely no memory, and I was hooked, in a good way. It has been awesome for all of us! Memory is much better too!!!! Young Living is a great company also, since they give back so much to the community. They are also really supportive of their brand partners and customers. Christian, as well, which is a huge bonus for me!

There are two sides to this. If you just want to order oils, supplements, non-toxic (amazing!) household cleaners, etc. you can. However, if you want to pass these awesome products on to your friends and earn rewards and money with your own business, you can join the business and become a brand partner, like I did after my first experience with oils was so great. How fantastic is that?

So, on Sharing Saturdays I will be sharing about my essential oil and other Young Living experiences. The Ningxia Red supplement is also something of which I’m excited to share. Who knew you could feel this great? I am looking forward to trying other products and sharing them too!

Ningxia Red – Yummy and so energizing!

You may look around for free at the following link:


If you choose to buy something, this link will immediately give me credit. This would be an immense help to our family, as we struggle with our housing situation and bills. Thanks so much, everyone. If you are not interested, that’s ok too. I promise I won’t hold it against you!!!

NOTE: If you want the best price for something, consider putting it on subscription. The savings are substantial and as an added bonus, you can avoid running out of your favorites! Thanks and God bless,


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