Ah to be young and carefree!
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Yesterday, Child #2 and I were in a small grocery store. The checkout line was long and I had to ask several people if they were in line. We were all laughing and joking about the long lines and whose turn it was. I noticed a man in front of me who kept looking back at me and smiling at me a lot. He was definitely flirting, and while that’s a little unusual for me (for some reason the male species is slow to realize just how fabulous I am!) it is not unheard of either.

It wasn’t until I glanced at Child #2 and realized that her tank top had slipped down lower than she likes to wear it, though by no means obscene. He was checking her out! This man, who was about my age, was checking out my barely legal daughter! Can we all say this together – “Ewww!”

What would you do if this man leered at your daughter?

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Why? Is it just me? I mean, I realize that not all men are like this. I have a couple of very good friends who are not at all like that. Maybe it just sickens me so much because my ex-husband was that way. The trauma that he caused lives on in me and the kiddos.

I apologize to the good men out there. Maybe you could give your nasty counterparts a swift kick or something. Please, be gentlemen! We have to live in this world too and I would very much appreciate no leering, especially at the adults that are just barely no longer children!

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