Are You a Library Lover?

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Happy Library Lover’s Day! Well, technically it’s not until Monday (along with St. Valentine’s Day,) but since I don’t blog on Mondays, I figured that you could get a quick start on some of my favorite books/authors.

First, I would like to list a little known, newer author. She came to speak at a local library (she’s not from the area, but her books are set here!) and there I discovered her books. They are the Mailboat Suspense series and they are awesome! Danielle Lincoln Hanna is the author and she is a wonderful addition to my old standbys. The first book in the series, “The End of the Pier,” was published in 2016 and follows the life of Bailey, a foster girl who is a mail jumper. If you’re not familiar with mail jumping, not to worry. I didn’t know what it was either, until I got to know Danielle and read her first book. A mail jumper is a person who stands at the ready on the Lake Geneva mailboat and jumps off at a pier to deliver the mail quickly so that they can hop back on the boat before it leaves the pier. This is extremely challenging, as the boat doesn’t stop! Read about what Bailey found at “The End of the Pier.” You won’t regret it!

Another favorite author of mine is Mary Higgins Clark. She has written many books over the years, all relating to song titles. I find them interesting and thrilling. Nobody spins a great mystery like Mary Higgins Clark!

A third favorite mystery writer is Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder series about a former Amish woman who left the faith only to return to her hometown of Painter’s Mill, Ohio as their Chief of Police. Spellbinding!

A fourth favorite mystery writer is James Patterson. I especially like the “Women’s Murder Club” series, starting with “The First to Die.” Deliciously chilling!

As far as other books go, I do so love books with happy endings! Debbie Macomber fits the bill, especially her Cedar Cove series.

Danielle Steele is another that I have enjoyed from time to time. I was interested in her after hearing our head librarian wax poetic about one of her books. I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised. I do remember my grandfather (the favorite chocolate fudge cake man!) reading her books. It’s a nice connection to a man I still miss after twenty years gone, even if some of my friends think it’s a waste of time to read “trashy” books. My guess is that they have never picked up one of her books or they would not lump them in with other, truly trashy books!

I do also have a penchant for Rosamunde Pilcher’s books. They are usually set in Scotland, or thereabouts and are quite charming. My favorite is “Winter Solstice” which I read every year after Christmas. It gets me through the doldrums of the after-Christmas-let- down.

Finally got it the right way! Whew!

Other authors of note are Laura Levine, who writes about a jingle writer and her lovely cat Prozac. Also, Kate Collins’ flower shop series, and Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swenson mysteries. There are lots of other lives to sample by reading a book. Enjoy Library Lover’s Day by checking one out!

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So this year, I’m getting the kiddos books for the 14th of February!

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