We Have a Winner!

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

I want to congratulate Tamara from tamarakulish.com for her winning entry in the “It was a dark and stormy night” challenge.

Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com

Congratulations, Tamara! Your entry was as follows:

“It was a dark and stormy night. I lit a bunch of candles and created the cozy comfort to offset the cold outside and settled in for a lovely evening.”

Photo by thevibrantmachine on Pexels.com

Beautiful! Nice job, Tamara! Be sure to visit Tamara’s blog at tamarakulish.com to congratulate her on her winning entry!

Published by Rita

I am a single mother, a Christian, a writer, an abuse survivor, a reader, and a friend. I've wanted to be a writer my entire life and now here I am!

2 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!

  1. Thanks so much Rita! This is a wonderful surprise to start my day off with!

    I just wrote what I naturally turn to when it’s a cold or stormy night! Perfect antidote to the weather!


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