To Have or Have Not – Pie Crust

Who will win? Bob’s Red Mill vs. Cup 4 Cup.

This last few weeks I have been giving a lot of thought to pie. Well, more accurately, pie crust. Do you ever find your mind straying to pie crust? Well, mine did!

The problem with pie crust is finding a good gluten free recipe for one. Yes, I am aware that the stores sell pre-made crusts. No, I would rather not consume one of those over-priced, bland, dry creations. Maybe I’m a pie crust snob. Very possibly. However, being a long-time baker, I have made many a pie crust. I have, though, not found a good way to make a homemade crust that’s gluten free.

So, taking matters into my gluten-free-floured hands, I purchased two pie crust mixes. The first was Bob’s Red Mill and the second was Cup 4 Cup.

This is the Cup 4 Cup Gluten-Free pie crust mix I purchased and made.
This is the pie it made; well, one of them!

I thought I still had the package from the Bob’s Red Mill pie crust mix that I made, but I can’t seem to find it, so you will have to settle for the following picture.

One of the pies I made from the Bob’s Red Mill pie crust mix. Yummy!

Any winners? I had some reservations regarding pie crust mixes to start with, but I persevered. I am used to mixing my own pie crust with flours, butter-flavored Crisco, etc. so a mix seems like something of a cop-out to me, but I bit the bullet and dove in!

The first one I made was the Cup 4 Cup. I was disappointed in how sticky the dough was. It took two scrubbings and quite a bit of soap to get my hands clean. I put the discs of pie crust in the fridge, as was recommended, but when I rolled them out a few days later, they stuck and broke and were basically a nightmare.

When the pie was done, and I admittedly only made the bottom crust and put a crumble on the top, it seemed soggy. It was, in fact, soggy and salty. Very unpleasant.

The second pie crust I made was the Bob’s Red Mill pie crust. It was different from the start. It didn’t stick to me and I was able to wash my hands normally afterward. The taste was better too. It was a little soft the first night that the pie was made, but the second day it was much better.

The clear winner here was Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix. If you don’t have time to make it from scratch, this pie crust will do nicely. Happy pie-making!

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