Things to Teach: Kindness

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Today Children #’s 1, 2, & 4 visited a Halloween-based theme park. We got there about 45 minutes after the park opened and it was crowded! Apparently, many people had the same idea to visit!

We knew it would be crowded, so we tried to go with the flow. At the first open space, I tried to pull in, a very rude group of people told me that their friends were going to park there, thus leaving me to back up into horn-honking traffic. Grrr! Then I saw a spot where I could pull through. Unfortunately, an entitled young woman had her large truck door open and her foot hanging out. I patiently waited until she pulled her foot in. Then she proceeded to call me a bitch for deigning to park next to her and her husband/boyfriend/I don’t know what. Wow! Well, last time I checked, America was still a free country and I can park in any open parking spot I choose.

Okaaay! So, they moved their truck and we ate our lunch and went into the park. Unfortunately, it was so crowded that we weren’t able to get on many rides. The lines and wait times were prohibitive.

We decided to leave and possibly come back later, but when we arrived at the car, there was a problem. My back passenger tire looked flat. Now, granted, there was a dip in the pavement and when I moved forward we saw that the tire wasn’t completely flat, but close. What the heck?

How does a tire that was perfectly full when I left home become so low a few hours later? I can tell you where my mind went! Mmmhmm…that lovely woman with the bad attitude! Grrr!

So we zipped to a close by gas station and four quarters later, had filled three of my tires. Strange that they were all three at least a bit low when they were fine when I left home!

This was not kindness! This was nastiness of the highest regard! Shame on her! I had to convince my kiddos not to retaliate. There was talk of what they would like to do to her. I put a stop to that! All I say is that “God saw.” That’s right. I don’t have to take action when someone is awful. God sees everything. He will take care of it and I can rely on Him!

So please, when you are teaching your children, grandchildren, or whoever, teach them to be kind. No one wants more nastiness in this world. Kindness truly makes a difference! Be the one to pass it on!

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2 thoughts on “Things to Teach: Kindness

  1. It certainly is difficult to not talk badly about people who do us wrong! My daughter and I have observed how God/Karma/the universe does even things out, to give people a taste of their medicine! We teach the grandkids to let things take their natural course!

    When driving I’m one who lets anyone ahead of me who wants to go, whether they have their blinker on or not and have found that invariably people are kind to me in return.

    One of my daughters former boyfriends was the opposite kind of driver, cutting people off, speeding up when people put on their blinker, and he said that people were always rude to him on the road!

    What we give out in the world DOES come back to us, in many small ways!

    PS yes I do experience rude people, no I don’t see it as pay back for any rudeness I have put out, it’s always their choice how they choose to act! I choose kindness in my universe, so that’s what I focus on, and intentionally let the rest go!



  2. I’m trying. I did have my kiddos look at the tires on their side before getting in yesterday and they were fine. It’s just such a violation when someone touches something that is not theirs! I may be extra sensitive to this having been through abuse, but it really frustrates me! Whatever her life is, I know God sees her as she is. Maybe He’ll turn her to Himself. I hope so!


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