Most Embarrassing Moments

Oh noooooooo!
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Ok. We’ve all had them. Some of them are mortifying. Others we feel sure we will never recover from. Some of them make us smile (especially if it happened to someone else or it’s been many years!) Some of them just make us shake our heads.

I am going to share two of my very own embarrassing moments. Please let me know in the comments below about your embarrassing moments so I don’t feel so alone about mine! Alright. Here goes:

Embarrassing Moment #1

My kiddos and I were needing to attend Saturday Mass on the way home from orchestra practice, since Sunday was to be the concert. Since the orchestra and concert venues were about 1.5 to 2 hours away from home there was no way we could attend our lovely little Church. So, we decided to visit a rather new Roman Catholic Church, St. Raphael’s.

We knew no one here, and the atmosphere was quite somber. It was about ten minutes before Mass started and my phone started to ring. Yes, I had forgotten to turn the ringer off! Oops! The worst part was the ring tone, which said “Let me out, I’m stuck in your pocket!” I quickly turned the phone off and slunk down in my seat as everyone in the assembly looked at me like I had a child stuffed somewhere on my person!

Embarrassing Moment #2

Back in the earlier days of my marriage, my ex-husband and I attended his company Christmas party. This was held at a fancy place near Chicago. He picked me up at the bank where I worked and I changed in the car. I had worn a pink jersey knit dress to work and wanted something a bit more upscale for the evening party. I slid my pants up under it and switched the dress for the top, covering as I went.

We got to the party and were greeted by a hostess. She must have told me the bathroom was upstairs to the right at least three times. I was like, “I don’t have to go, so what’s her problem?” We entered the dining room and took our places at one of the tables. It was then that I looked down to see my white slip sticking out from under my black tunic! Oh my gosh! Why didn’t my ex say anything? He was completely oblivious and I was mortified. I carefully tucked the offending slip into my pants under the cover of the table and excused myself to the ladies room. There I took off the slip I had worn to work under my pink dress and stuffed it in my purse. I’m not sure I ever forgave him for that!

So, what are your most embarrassing moments? Care to share? Pretty please?

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2 thoughts on “Most Embarrassing Moments

  1. We can laugh about it now right? I have too many to mention, but the days my kids were toddlers I wore my clothes inside out on the train, and it was a packed carriage, some “lovely” woman even pointed at me and laughed… felt like I was in therapy just now. 🙂


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