Money Saver: Plants (Part 1)

Time to get your hands in the dirt!
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Ah, plants! When Fall rolls around every year (and I’m not admitting that it’s actually Fall yet!) my thoughts turn to my plants that have remained outdoors all Summer, soaking up the sun and thriving in the lovely Summer heat and humidity. (Well, lovely for them, anyway!) What will I save for next year? Well, of course, there is the purple heart. That must come inside. Also, the spider plant, which has happily made many babies all Summer. Do I bring in the impatients? Technically, they are annuals. However, I have saved them a few times from year to year.

It is possible to save plants, even annuals, from year to year. They just need a pretty pot, a little dirt, some fertilizer, and a lot of love.

I like to buy pretty pots when they’re on clearance, sale, or at resale shops. There’s nothing wrong with an old pot, as long as it’s sturdy and can be scrubbed clean. Stay away from cracked ones though, no matter how pretty – it’s a disaster waiting to happen. After bringing home your treasures, scrub them clean and let them dry thoroughly. I usually use some dish soap, hydrogen peroxide (to kill anything living there that you don’t want!) and a green scouring pad, along with a little hot water. Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! Rinse and dry with a rag and allow to air dry completely.

Now, you can use the dirt that is currently in with your plantings, but you will probably also need to buy a bag of dirt. Fall is usually when they discount these, so be on the lookout. A couple of years ago I got a huge bag of high-quality, name-brand soil for a fraction of the original price because a local discount store was trying to get rid of their stock to make room for new stock. O.k. Don’t mind if I do!

I have scrubbed a couple of really nice pots with bases, but which still do not look great. So, I will traverse to the garage and find some spray paint to give them new life. Hey, it’s worth a shot and if I can fix something and make it pretty, why buy new? That, my friends, is a waste of money!

So, save your plants and stay tuned for the next Money Savers for Plants, when I cover clippings and starting new plants. Yay!

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