The Great Deodorant Debate

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Here’s a subject I’ll bet you never thought I’d cover! It has come to my attention in our home, that there is a great deodorant debate. Some of us like stick deodorant; others prefer gel; I don’t think many of us have even considered spray.

Also, is the debate over men’s versus women’s. Yeah. We think a lot about deodorant, because, let’s face it, there are three teenagers here. Yeah, we need to consider deodorant! So, here it is:

Child #1: I have no idea. She no longer speaks to me (😭)

Child #2: Lady’s deodorant in stick form. She says the gel reminds her of snot. (Lovely picture, don’t you think?)

Child #3: Men’s two-day gel deodorant.

Child #4: Men’s two-day gel deodorant (they are twins after all!)

Mom: Men’s three-day gel deodorant. It works great and they have better fragrances! Don’t get me started on powder fresh for ladies’ deodorant! 🤢

Now, just because there are two and three day deodorants listed here, by no means does that indicate that we only shower every two or three days. 🤢. We shower every day and apply deodorant! We are not animals! Although some might mistake certain of us for them! (Just kidding! Yikes! Tough crowd!)

So, that is our great deodorant debate. Do you have one in your family? What’s your favorite type?

Also, are you anal-retentive like me? I wipe off the outside of the container for the deodorant so that it’s like opening a new deodorant every day. I can’t stand to have residue all over the outside of my deodorant, unlike some people I could mention!

Have a great day and happy deodorizing!

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