Kindness is Never a Mistake

Our changing world through our trees!

How many times per day, in our changing world, is someone kind? Not very often, in my experience. There have been a few notable instances where someone has been kind. There was a man in a store that overheard me talking to child #2 about where the tire air caps were kept. We eventually found them, but a couple minutes later, the man hunted us down in a different aisle to bring me a package of them. I thanked him, but told him that we had found them. I couldn’t believe he went so far out of his way for me. It was a great feeling.

Now, I try to be kind, especially to the workers. It’s not easy to be working in a store, but it’s even more difficult if you have nasty customers with which to deal. These people are hard workers with families at home, and problems too. No need to make their lives more troublesome.

However, yesterday was a winner of a day. Let’s just say, I had a lot to offer up! To start the day, I plunged the toilet. Yeah. It’s my favorite task!!! The day went from bad to worse when I couldn’t find close parking spots, and people were rude. I was feeling pretty low, but I still had a donation to make to the local Salvation Army. When I went to pull up, a person had entered from the wrong direction so I pulled up next to the donation bins and waited so she could pull out and I could pull in. As she was finishing up, a little blue car pulled up behind the woman going the wrong direction. What? Seriously? Once the first woman left, I pulled up. Keep in mind I had been waiting a good 10 minutes, while this woman saw me waiting, and didn’t care. She was so much more important! The attendant started to say something to me so I let him know that I had been waiting patiently while she zipped around to enter from the wrong direction. He agreed with me, while she tried to explain she was just following the person in front of her while screaming and swearing. I suggested she follow the signs. She called me an a_______le!

Keep in mind that this was at Salvation Army, a Christian church’s resale store. I was appalled at her behavior and expressed my surprise to the attendant. He filled me in on how much bad behavior he sees on a daily basis. My mouth hung open! What is wrong with these people? Did they never get taught the golden rule? What are they doing at a Christian establishment? Seriously? This is what we’ve become?

Please, be kind. I have never regretted being kind, because it is never a mistake! God sees the good that you do. We are all His children and loved unconditionally by Him! This means that it doesn’t matter the mistakes that we’ve made or how awful we’ve been in the past. Ask for forgiveness. Go and sin no more. Start that out by being kind. Ideas? It could be as simple as smiling at people. Give a kind word. Give someone at the store, with only a few items, go in front of you. Say “hello.” Cook or bake something for a new parent or an older, friend who can’t. It can be as simple as that. So, go be kind! As for me? I had another plunging session with the toilet last night so I actually started and ended my day with plunging!!! At least today has been better!!!! I did get many things to offer up for special intentions yesterday, though, so it was still a win!

Bake a cake for a neighbor!

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I am a single mother, a Christian, a writer, an abuse survivor, a reader, and a friend. I've wanted to be a writer my entire life and now here I am!

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