Welcome, Friends!

Some welcome cookies.

I just wanted to welcome my friends from Facebook! I have spent some time this weekend setting up a Facebook page for this lovely, marvelous, glorious blog! I am trying to increase traffic so that I can reach more people who need my help.

I am very grateful for every one of my followers. So, thank you for joining me!

What have I been up to lately? Child #2 and I have been cleaning out the hall closet. What”s the big deal? Well, some people have a junk drawer…I aspire higher. I have a junk closet. At least, I did. Not so much anymore. Now I have a partially empty, partly organized space.

I have utilized my carpentry skills to put in a fourth shelf in a spot that was formerly just wasted space. This shelf I designed to hold three plastic containers in height and five across. This way, I should be able to organize all the stuff that everyone has been just throwing in the closet for years. Yup. I’m done!

So, I have taken many things to a resale store. I have pared down and organized, sawed and straightened until I think the base closet is as good as it’s going to be. Now I just need to finish putting everything away in its proper box.

The closet so far.

Next time, I’ll give you all a lovely recipe. Something for Fall. Something warm and savory. Mmmmmm…yum!

Note: I want to thank you for all the prayers for my aunt. She is back at home after her medical drama, and, though the progress is slow and she is discouraged, she will continue on. One step at a time.

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I am a single mother, a Christian, a writer, an abuse survivor, a reader, and a friend. I've wanted to be a writer my entire life and now here I am!

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