Remember Always

Life can be a steep climb, but looking back it goes fast.

I keep forgetting that we are here for only a short while. It seems to take an eternity for things to come as children. Christmas must take at least three – five years to come. Easter, too. But once it happens, the day goes so fast and we are left to wait another three – five years for the next holiday, at least as a child.

As we grow and mature, the waiting seems to get less and less. Yes, there are times when we think the next holiday will never get here. But then it comes and we’re like “Boy! That was fast!” The more mature I get (we will not talk of older!!!) the more the time seems to fly. My children are eagerly awaiting Christmas while I look out and think what happened to August, much less September? How can Halloween be screaming down on me again?!!!

Maybe it’s just the way motherhood goes. Maybe that’s just life, which brings me to my point. (Yes. I do have one!) I have never heard an elder say that life went by so slowly, they wondered if they’d ever be done. No. Actually it’s just the opposite. The elders I have spoken to always wonder at how rapidly their lives have passed. Now they are old. When did that happen? It was just the other day that they were walking down the aisle or holding their children or holding their own mother’s hand as a child.

We tend to forget that life here is only temporary. A brief stay, showing God how much we love Him, so that we can go home to Him. We grow, marry, raise our families, help friends, make connections, grow weary, and finally rest in Him. It is a brief 40, 50, 60, 90, or even 100 year journey. That is it. Sometimes, sadly, it isn’t even that long.

And we forget. Forget that the people that walk along us in this journey, our family, our friends, even our rivals, will not be with us forever. That was never part of the bargain. I am always surprised when someone close to me passes away. I don’t know why. It’s not like I thought the person was immortal. Of course not! This is not a cartoon we live! But when someone slips away, a brother, a mother, a friend, it is a stark reminder that this world is not permanent. I forget from one passing to the next, just how temporary and fragile human life really is. It is such a miracle of God’s grace!

So, cherish the ones you love. Love them well, so that they can carry that love long after you’re gone and share it with others. Love is God and God is Love. He is what matters. He is who we need to focus on in our short time on earth. This way, the reunion with Him will be just so very sweet. To be enfolded in His arms in the sweetest hug imaginable. And then to see all of our family and friends waiting for us! What a reunion that will be! Oh the joy!!!

Note: My aunt suffered another two strokes yesterday. She is holding her own, but could still use many prayers. Thank you.

Published by Rita

I am a single mother, a Christian, a writer, an abuse survivor, a reader, and a friend. I've wanted to be a writer my entire life and now here I am!

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