A Second State Park Trip

Autumn is on its way!

Today we managed to get in a second trip to the state park that children #’s 1 & 2 and I visited about a month ago. This time children #’s 2, 3, & 4 were with me. We also took our dogs, #’s 1, 2, & 3 – all of them! That is not usually a problem if we’re going on a short ride, but the state park is about 2 hours from our home, and it was a bit far for Lulu & Ducky. Delilah weathered the trip with her usual aplomb, but Lulu got sick twice, and Ducky, once. Lulu generally gets carsick. She is the runt of the two maltipoo’s (maltese and poodle mixes) we own and is sensitive to travel. Delilah, the other maltipoo, loves adventure and travel. She rarely gets sick, and only when she’s been to the vet for some very invasive surgery and is drugged out of her mind!


Ducky (Dr. Donald Mallard for long) is a morkypoo. That’s a maltese, yorkie, and poodle mix. He’s an idiot, and great for comic relief, though quite clever and a true Houdini dog, but he came with some major anxiety. He generally waits ’til we are at our destination, the car stops, and then he loses his meal. I think this must come from being dumped by previous owners. He was found wandering the streets before being brought to the shelter where we met him. He attached himself to child #1 and has since adopted us all. He is still nervous, however, that we will grow weary of him and dump him somewhere. This will never happen, as we love his goofy attitude and sweet protectiveness of his family, but he can’t seem to grasp that. What did they do to you, Duck? My poor boy!

Ducky and Delilah (L to R)!

So, we get to the park around three, and try, unsuccessfully to find the trail. We end up finding a different trail and follow that for about an hour. The dogs grew tired, as we did, and we turned around and came back down the trail. We took a few pictures, but by and large just avoided the raindrops.

By the time we left, and got lost on the way back to the highway!, it was raining steadily. Everyone just wanted to eat a hot meal and go home. We finally found the highway and made it back home in good time. Everyone was happy to have gone, but tired and glad to be home. A two hour hike is a good thing for all of us, dogs included!!!

What did you do this Saturday? Did you spend time cooking? With family? Studying? Reading? Watching TV? Or maybe just catching up on your sleep? They all sound wonderful! Maybe I’ll try one or two of them tomorrow!!!!

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3 thoughts on “A Second State Park Trip

    1. We did! I love Autumn too. It makes me feel so blessed by God that these are the “real” colors of the trees He gave us and that they’re only green during the Summer because of the chlorophyll. Little science lesson there!!! Enjoy the leaves while they’re there. It’s supposed to be another beautiful day! Yay!


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