Your State Parks

Not quite the top!

We are fortunate enough to live in an area of many state parks. These parks vary in what they offer, but most have hiking trails (a family favorite!) as well as great scenery to enjoy while using said trails! If you live in a state that does not charge to use their parks, then you should take full advantage. However, if your state does charge, you might want to consider a park pass. These are usually relatively inexpensive (depending on who your relatives are!!! – I just couldn’t let that joke pass!!!!) and will provide your carload with a year of inexpensive entertainment.

I do not live in a state with free state parks. However, I purchased a state park pass for my state and children #’s 1 & 2 went with me on a trip to a state park on Labor Day. It was a great day to visit, though the beach and surrounding area were quite crowded. We stayed on a hiking trail and put up our masks when we saw other people.

It was a difficult climb up and, I’ll admit, I did take a few rests, much to child # 1’s annoyance. Whatever. When you are 25 years older than you are right now, then you tell me how you feel climbing out huge (and some not so huge!) rock steps that turn every which way, while trying not to fall on your face or your backside! Snotty child!

Rocks to climb!

I made it, though, and the view from the top was spectacular! The people looked like ants (ok, maybe carpenter ants, but still!) It was so fantastic that I took far too many pictures, once again, to the annoyance of child #1. Too bad, sunshine! My trip, my camera (on my phone!) and my battery life, so suck it up!


I realized as we were descending down the trail, why we had seen so many people going the opposite direction! The climb down was more of a leisurely stroll down a couple of hills, than the back-breaking difficult climb up the rocks! Darn it, we had gone the wrong way!!! The other direction would have been an easier, though somewhat uphill climb to the top with a rockier, step-like trek to the bottom. Instead, we got the rocky, steep, step-like trek to the top (which almost killed me!) and the steep, but clear path to the bottom. Note to self: next time start at the easy path up!!!!

We all got some much needed exercise, and though my legs ached that day, I slept well at night and did not wake in any pain. So, my legs are still in pretty good shape. Yay! I also really enjoyed the scenery and the blissful peace of the park. Even if it was crowded in one place, there were still many quiet spots of solitude to be had. It was awesome and if it ever stops raining, maybe I’ll take children #’s 2, 3, & 4 with me!

End of day.

Special Note:

Child #3 is home and doing well. Please continue to pray for her (especially her mental health) and for all of us! She will start school on Monday, with a program tailor-made to her. She’s excited and I am too! I pray it all goes well.

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