Things You Never Knew You Could Freeze

Good day, blog readers!!! Today I wanted to cover freezing things. I like to go to the big town over yonder and pick up bags of produce that are reduced to $0.99. The other day I came home with four big bags of green peppers. Yay!!!

Now I love green peppers raw. They’re delicious. However, there is nothing like being able to pull out a few frozen slices from a bag in one’s freezer to easily add to meatloaf, chili, green pepper casserole, pizza, or whatever dish requires a bit of green pepper snap. I also have a child who very much likes the peppers straight from the freezer as a crispy treat while I try to make dinner! Therefore, I set about slicing, and in some cases dicing, my four bags of green peppers for the upright freezer.

First, I washed said peppers and took off any stickers. Then I sliced the tops off and popped the stem part out. That left me with the tops and the bottoms that were still full of ribs and seeds. From the bottoms I removed the unnecessary parts (ribs and seeds) next and got to work slicing.

I like to slice the tops first and then move on to the bottom cups. Those I slice in half and then thinly slice and put in my gallon-sized food storage bags. You may use any freeze-worthy container you like, but be careful if you store the peppers in glass, pyrex-type dishes, as one must be careful to store evenly lest they slip out and bop you on the head or foot or any other body part of which you are fond. Last night I had a run-in with a medium-sized cooler bar from which my ankle has yet to recover!

When you have filled your container, mark it with the contents and date and pop into your freezer. Then you will have a taste of Summer all Winter long!!!

My two big bags of peppers ready to freeze.

You can also freeze other types of peppers, chopped tomatoes, celery (for soup or stews), green onions (I usually peel and chop these into one of those glass pyrex-type dishes!), and many other things. My freezer is full of things that in years past, my grandmother would have canned, including some home-made jam. Right. I generally don’t can that unless I have extra time and manpower. I’ve also frozen bbq sauce since I usually buy a large jug from a store over yonder. When one must fit that into a small refrigerator, it requires some ingenuity!

Happy freezing!

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3 thoughts on “Things You Never Knew You Could Freeze

  1. I usually freeze other vegetables but I had no idea you could freeze tomatoes too! Do you cook them and then freeze them or do you just freeze them raw?


    1. You can do either, but I generally just chop the fresh ones and freeze. They’re great instead of canned tomatoes in chilli, spaghetti, stews, soups, or taco meat! Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks I’ll give that a try! It would save me so much time to just toss those into the food instead of cutting them then and there.


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